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CinnamonEarth is a place of compassion, love and appreciation for all living beings – including yourself. The happiness and freedom of us all is paramount and a way to achieve this is by striving for a healthy, compassionate and fulfilled life. Yoga is my path, vegan is my food and the Crossfit box is my second home. Sounds like a good place to be in, then come hang out.

An Attempt to Describe What Happened in the Jungle

I was told the Yoga Teacher Training was going to be amazing. And that it was going to be rough. And so it was. It was so much more than I ever could have imagined or been prepared for. The experience is indescribable, it is life-changing and so very personal. It is an emotional, mental and physical roller coaster. The person that enters is not the same that exits – and that is good.


My tribe: Sarah, Sheri, Carolyn, Ana, Bridget, Paul, Natalie, Alex, Anna, Erin, Belinda, Liz, Amelie, Colleen, Lucy, Donna Mei-Ling, Tuuh, Milly, Jill, Rina, Robin, Clara & Mayna

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Super Yummy Vegan Cheesecake: it won’t get easier than that!

You can trust me on that one cause long lists of ingredients (that I don’t even know what they are) make me run! On top of that, grocery shopping on Koh Tao is just no fun. Luckily, I stumbled on My New Roots’ Raw Cashew Dreamcake and tweaked the ingredients small-tropical-island-style. Result? AMAZING! Read more…

Below the Surface – New Photo Gallery

I finally got started on the gallery section of CinnamonEarth. I spend a lot of time under water and recently I’ve been in the company of a Canon G15 and a Fantasea housing. Naturally, the first gallery is dedicated to the wonderful creatures enjoying life below the surface. All shots have been taken around Koh Tao, Thailand.
Clown Fish peaking out of his home

Beginning the Yoga Journey

In June, I will hop over to Koh Phangan and do the first 200 hours of the Yoga Teacher Training. While I am getting really excited and ready for that adventure, reading the required books and practicing with the best of the best here on Koh Tao (yes, you Cynthia), I am thinking back on how I got into Yoga. Believe me: back then I was the last person to become passionate about it!

My recently acquired Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat

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Why on earth vegan?!

Most people are intrigued by my dietary choice – even more so because I do Crossfit. So I am taking this opportunity to elaborate on my reasons behind it – I am pretty sure that my story is similar to the story of many other vegans. Read more…