Welcome to CinnamonEarth


CinnamonEarth is a place of compassion, love and appreciation for all living beings – including yourself. The happiness and freedom of us all is paramount and a way to achieve this is by striving for a healthy, compassionate and fulfilled life. Yoga is my path, vegan is my food and the Crossfit box is my second home. Sounds like a good place to be in, then come hang out.

An Attempt to Describe What Happened in the Jungle

I was told the Yoga Teacher Training was going to be amazing. And that it was going to be rough. And so it was. It was so much more than I ever could have imagined or been prepared for. The experience is indescribable, it is life-changing and so very personal. It is an emotional, mental and physical roller coaster. The person that enters is not the same that exits – and that is good.


My tribe: Sarah, Sheri, Carolyn, Ana, Bridget, Paul, Natalie, Alex, Anna, Erin, Belinda, Liz, Amelie, Colleen, Lucy, Donna Mei-Ling, Tuuh, Milly, Jill, Rina, Robin, Clara & Mayna

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